[armedbear-devel] [asdf-devel] ABCL trunk r12551 works with asdf-1.643

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 01:45:19 UTC 2010

> Attached is a (trivial) patch so that 'run-tests.sh' actually uses the flags
> argument.
Thanks. It was applied, and many small bugs were fixed in ASDF 1.647
as I did more testing and improved the test infrastructure.

> ABCL now passes the ASDF test suite:
> -#---------------------------------------
> Using abcl  --noinit
> Ran 21 tests:
>  21 passing and 0 failing
> all tests apparently successful
> -#---------------------------------------

> After discussion on IRC and further thought, I no longer advocate that ASDF2
> not make the relocating the FASLs the default.  There are certainly decent
> arguments for it, and we do want progress in ASDF2, right?  Instead, I would
> advise that you make a section in the (really excellent looking) manual that
> explicates the changes that an ASDF1 user—both with and without using
> ASDF-BINARY-LOCATIONS—should expect in ASDF2.  And I would include the
> *LOAD-TRUENAME*/*LOAD-PATHNAME* issue (i.e. use a conditionalized
> ASDF:SYSTEM-DEFINITION-PATHNAME invocation) in that section.
Yes. We need a FAQ section for migration from ASDF1 to ASDF2,
with questions each in its own subsection, and a rationale for each change.

> Otherwise, ASDF2 looks quite cool.  What's your timeframe for an official
> release?  I'd include it as-is in ABCL, but don't want to chase all the
> release candidates to ASDF2.
Hopefully we'd like to release ASDF2 before summer.
I suggest that at some point (e.g. now) you pick one of the release
candidates that you consider not too broken after testing,
then upgrade to the real ASDF2 release when it's out,
and otherwise only upgrade when there's a good reason to
(i.e. fixing major brokenness, or adding major feature,
or there's been a stable version for 6 months
that you haven't upgraded to yet).

Thanks a lot for your support!

And don't forget to implement the long DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION :)

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