[armedbear-devel] #P"SRC"

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Wed Mar 3 10:07:28 UTC 2010

On Mar 3, 2010, at 11:02 AM, Tobias C. Rittweiler wrote:

> "Tobias C. Rittweiler" writes:
>> Could ABCL set up a #P"SRC:", or #P"SYS:SRC:" logical pathname to the
>> source directory that was used for the build?
> Tentatively related might be the *LISP-HOME* stuff in
> compile-system.lisp. In particular, I want the SRC logical pathname to
> easily get at the TAGS file which GROVEL-JAVA-DEFINITIONS also tries to
> do.

*LISP-HOME* is badly named at this point, as it refers to the location of "boot.lisp" which is where the FASLs are located when ABCL system source is compiled (which it is in about every "normal" deployment situation).

The way I thinking at this point is that COMPILE-SYSTEM compiles and dumps a form to be picked up at runtime.

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