[armedbear-devel] Working toward an 0.18 release

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Tue Jan 5 13:03:00 UTC 2010

On 1/4/10 5:26 PM, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Even though trunk isn't "feature complete" yet, I'd like us to start
> preparing the 0.18 release as we do every roughly 2 months. Every
> release consists of the following steps:


>   * Trial-run the release script for source and binary distributions
>   * Run ANSI test and CL-BENCH on the release trial-release archives
>     (but preferrably also Maxima tests)

I volunteer for these tasks.

When you refer to 'release script' do you mean the associated Ant 
targets?  Or is there something more here?

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