[armedbear-devel] Generating class files instead of functions-as-class-files

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 11:49:04 UTC 2010

Over the past months, I've been thinking about changing the way we
generate our class files. Currently all of our class file generation
is centered around producing a execute() method, with a constructor to
support object initialization.

This scheme seriously limits our flexibility. Imagine a function of 2
arguments, one required and one optional. Currently, we require a call
to fastProcessArgs(), where we could have done with a class which
implements the single as well as the two-argument execute() methods.

Along the same lines, I'm looking to clean up our constructors: In my
ideal world all the static field initializers will be moved to the
class constructor <clinit>() which isn't called more than exactly

To support this type of output, I started jvm-class-file.lisp. It's a
file which centers around generation of true class files (with
arbitrary numbers of methods), instead of "functions-as-classes" which
are modelled using exactly 2 methods. The jvm-class-file.lisp file is
local to my working copy for now, although I did send a version to
Alessio some time ago.

Apart from the flexibility this would achieve, I think I have another
benefit: it would allow catching the full class file before it's a
serialized. The resulting in-memory class file representation could be
analysed, for example to find the stack inconsistencies we're looking
(but not yet finding).

There are serveral reasons to send this mail:

1. To keep you all in the loop
2. To see about your comments regarding the above direction
3. To see if there's anybody here who wants to help out

As a general direction forward, I was thinking to start a branch so
that there's some place to store my currently-private
jvm-class-file.lisp. I'll have to create a BRANCH-README to document
what the branch is about, what the status is and what is left to be

The first step forward, I'd like to do on the trunk however: a first
separation of code generation and class file writing. That would allow
me to write a GUI tool for inspecting the resulting class files from a
single COMPILE call and hence creating a tool which should help
finding our "stack inconsistency" problems.

Comments? Helpers?



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