[armedbear-devel] eol-style problem with abcl-src-0.15.tar.gz

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Tue Sep 1 07:01:34 UTC 2009

On 8/31/09 11:30 PM, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
>> The svn:eol-style is now set to 'LF' in SVN for 'abcl.in', which does
>> the "right thing" when building the source tar balls, so abcl-0.16
>> should be ok, as long as whoever builds the release doesn't somehow
>> override this local SVN setting
> Well, I haven't changed the local settings while creating any of the
> releases, but abcl.in is part of the abcl.dist.misc target, which is
> part of one of the FIXCRLF elements. Could that be the issue?

Unless you run the build with the 'abcl.source.eol' property set to 
something other than 'asis' there should be no change of eol from whst 
comes out of SVN.  Currently, the 'fixcrlf' command in the 
'abcl.source.prepare' runs with the 'abcl.source.eol' set to 'asis' 
which does nothing in the transformation.  As I remember the 
implementation history here, I developed this target around the same 
time we moved to SVN, so we ended up fixing everything in the SVN 
properties, instead of relying on Ant.

I think the EOL setting in the repository can be overridden by 
configuration options in the SVN client, so this might be another source 
of error.  And I think using the cygwin SVN client under win32 gets you 
UNIX line-endings 'LF' for files with svn:eol-style set to 'native', 
while using the native SVN release (or TortoiseSVN) gets you 'CRLF'.

On the basis of so much possible variation, I guess I would recommend we 
start using <fixcrlf> with more restrictive defensive settings.

Would these be:

   LF -- 'abcl.in' as it is always used under a UNIX-like shell

   CRLF -- 'abcl.bat.in' as it is always used under a DOS command shell

   ?? -- All other source files

But what value should '??' be?  One possibility is that it would be 'LF' 
for 'abcl.source.tar', and 'CRLF' for 'abcl.source.zip', which would 
take a bit of work with the Ant targets.


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