usocket-0.7.0 released

Chun Tian (binghe) binghe.lisp at
Tue Oct 25 21:18:17 UTC 2016

Hi Common Lispers,

I’m glad to release usocket-0.7.0, a new major release.

Starting from this version, we have made two systems “usocket” and “usocket-server” separated, the purpose is to minimize package dependencies and loaded code. Previously we have some vendor code borrowed from “split-sequence” and “portable-threads” package, now these duplicated code were removed. Instead, we directly depend on the original package.  (portable-threads [1] is only needed by usocket-server and usocket-test).

The LispWorks support has been carefully checked and confirmed working on version 4.4.x, 5.x, 6.x and 7.0.

There’s no new API symbols in this release. However, (few) people who is using SOCKET-SERVER API, please change the dependency from “usocket" to “usocket-server”. (sorry for this change)

Changes in 0.7.0:

* General: Separated USOCKET and USOCKET-SERVER systems (only the server part depends on Portable-threads)
* General: USOCKET (the client part) now depends on SPLIT-SEQUENCE (the exactly same vendor code is removed from usocket code base)
* New feature: [LW] (SOCKET-OPTION :TCP-NODELAY) and its SETF version now works on LispWorks 4/5/6/7.
* New feature: [LW] SOCKET-CONNECT now supports setting "tcp_nodelay" in version 4.x and 5.0.
* Bugfix: [CCL] fixed issues in SOCKET-SHUTDOWN
* Bugfix: [CLISP] fixed issues in WAIT-FOR-INPUT (Thanks to a patch by @vibs29, #27)
* Bugfix: [LW] fixed loading in version <= 6.0 (actually 0.6.5 only fixed loading in LW 6.1)
* Bugfix: [ECL] all compilation warnings were checked and fixed.

As usual, if you want to download this release, please check

or just wait for next Quicklisp monthly dist updates. (or make a Git clone to usocket “master”, URL is given below)

The API documentation page was here:

Any feedback - bugs or hugs - will be greatly appreciated. Anyone is welcome to send pull request to our Git repository:

Some future directions:

* More features in SOCKET-SERVER
* New IOlib backend!
* Add support for MKCL (this will be the 13th CL platform that we support)


Chun Tian (binghe)

[1] Now Quicklisp starts to use my version at

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