[usocket-announce] [ANNOUNCE] usocket 0.5.5

Chun Tian (binghe) binghe.lisp at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 15:22:53 UTC 2012


I'm sorry for the late release of new USOCKET updates, but here is the version 0.5.5

Changes in this release:

* Enhancement: SOCKET-CONNECT argument :nodelay can now set to :if-supported (patch from Anton Vodonosov).
* Enhancement: [server] adding *remote-host* *remote-port* to socket-server stream handler functions (suggested by Matthew Curry)
* Bugfix: [LispWorks] Fixed UDP support for LispWorks 6.1 (patch from Camille Troillard by Martin Simmons).
* Bugfix: [LispWorks] Stop using hcl:add-special-free-action for reclaiming unused UDP socket fds to improve multi-threading stablity (suggested by Camille Troillard).
* Bugfix: [LispWorks] Fixed SOCKET-CONNECT on Windows, now LOCAL-PORT never have *auto-port* (0) as default value.

Special thanks to LispWorks official,

   Martin Simmons <martin at lispworks.com>

whom provided the patch for LispWorks 6.1 compatibility. (And with LispWorks 6.1 released with IPv6 support, now I'm seriously considering USOCKET should also start to support IPv6 in next major release)

If you want to download this release, please check


or just wait for next Quicklisp releases.

The API documentation page was slightly updated for the new (:NODELAY :IF-SUPPORTED) support in SOCKET-CONNECT:


As usual, any feedback - bugs or hugs - is greatly appreciated.

(Due to my recent heavy and hard work on my local Lisp job -- porting a very big commercial Lisp application from single-threaded to multi-threaded model, I'm very sorry that I don't know enough time to release USOCKET 0.6.0 before the end of February, so I decide to release 0.5.5, the last 0.5.x series release. Once I've got my job stabilized again on mid next month, I'll start pushing more work on USOCKET, I promise)

Best Regards,

Chun Tian (binghe)
Gensym Release Owner

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