[toronto-lisp] Anyone using lispworks?

Paul Tarvydas paultarvydas at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 19:12:22 UTC 2013

On 13-01-19 11:59 AM, Rudolf wrote:
> How is the GUI library? I downloaded the personal edition but keep 
> reverting back to slime and sbcl.

I use Lispworks extensively, including the IDE and the GUI library (CAPI).

The lispworks IDE is so well integrated that I have no desire to go back 
to emacs[1].  In fact, when I tried SBCL and slime recently, I was 
deeply disappointed (maybe someone needs to give me a tour :-).

I lean on the visual stepper and inspector a lot.

Is your question about CAPI or about the IDE?

CAPI is a sensibly designed and very powerful library for building GUI's.


[1] I do keep emacs around for non-lisp activity, and, for the fact that 
its regex-replace stuff is very powerful (and familiar to me after a few 
decades).  Once in a while, I have to make a mass-edit to a lisp program 
that is easier in emacs.

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