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Leo Zovic leo.zovic at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 02:52:22 UTC 2013

   1. Notes have been sent off to Paul. We didn't actually do real-time
   note-taking this time because it was too interesting for anyone to focus on
   recording. How does everyone feel about doing audio recordings for
   transcription purposes in the future?
   2. We're booked in at Bento Miso for the following days. January was a
   bit anomalous, since the first Tuesday was actually Jan 1, but we're now
   back on our regular schedule.
   1. Tuesday Feb 5 2013
      2. Tuesday Mar 5 2013
      3. Tuesday Apr 2 2013
      4. Tuesday May 7 2013
      5. Tuesday Jun 4 2013
   3. Dann is giving a talk about the Web Audio API on Thursday, Jan 17 at
   Bento Miso. It looks to be interesting (also on the bill is Dan talking
   about Angular.JS, a reactive JavaScript framework for application
   front-ends). Meetup page
   I'll try to show up, but may be out of luck; there seems to be a waiting
   list already.

Also, Happy New Year to anyone that wasn't at the last meeting.

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