[toronto-lisp] Venue for November

Leo Zovic leo.zovic at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 20:09:19 UTC 2012

>From Paul T:

> We have two standing offers - wave accounting and bento.  Wave had a
large monitor that would accept laptop inputs.  I couldn't attend the last
meeting, but I believe bento has a big screen and projector.

> If the meeting is at wave, we start at the usual 6pm, if at bento, 7pm.


So that's the shape of it. Our choices are

Bento Miso
- West end (near Queen West and Strachan)
- Has a projector, painted whiteboards everywhere and a huge space
- Available 7pm or later (which means we'd be doing a 7 to 9 meeting rather
than our standard 6 to 8)

Wave Accounting
- East end (near Queen East and Carlaw)
- Has giant TV, very comfortable chairs and a medium space
- Available at our usual meeting time

Both are reachable by the Queen streetcar (you may still need to take a bus
part-way to Wave because of construction).

Make your voice heard: which do you prefer?

I've got a vague preference for Wave just because they're much closer to
where I work. Count me as a 1/4 vote since I very probably won't be at the
November meeting (we're due on the 2nd).

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