[toronto-lisp] location for Dec.

Paul Tarvydas paultarvydas at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 21:30:14 UTC 2012

Let's vote again.

Both, Wave Accounting and Bento Miso have left us standing offers. If at 
Bento, we cannot start until 7pm.

My impression is that the last Bento meeting (Sept) was attended by a 
different subset of the group than the last Wave meeting (Oct).

If you want to attend but cannot due to location, you might include that 
in your vote.

Both locations work for me.

If there's enough of a split we could simply alternate between the two 

The lisp group discussed, and wouldn't mind merging with the Haskell 
group, but I haven't heard any response from the Haskell group the last 
time this idea was floated (I'm assuming that some Haskell group members 
are still on this mailing list).  Let me know if someone specific should 
be contacted in the Haskell group.


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