[toronto-lisp] flow-based programming and SOA

Paul Tarvydas paul.tarvydas at rogers.com
Tue Mar 13 20:58:04 UTC 2012

> How similar is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to flow-based
> programming?

I don't have any direct experience with SOA, but the wikipedia entry says:
formal contract
loose coupling
Drop discoverability and statelessness and add low-level (down to the function level).  And, "formal contract" sounds a lot heavier than "typed" (if you want it).

Go here (includes chapters from 1st ed book):


and here:

flow-based-programming at googlegroups.com

> Also, you mentioned you were working on a "shell" for flow-based
> programming, is the code for that up somewhere? :D

RSN.  I'm writing the "vsh" compiler in itself, using CL-based components and "grash" written in C (grash =  graph "assembly language" for fork/dup/exec).  I'm a component or two away from the emitter (6 small components thus far).  

When it can compile itself from end-to-end, I'll figure out github and put it up, and mention it here and on the fbp group.  Maybe this week or next, depending on available time.

I brought "all" of the source code to last week's meeting - if you didn't get to see it and don't want to wait, ask.

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