[toronto-lisp] Fwd: Another hat in the ring

Abram Hindle abram.hindle at softwareprocess.es
Fri Aug 3 21:20:12 UTC 2012

So what is the story behind LinuxCaffe? Are they gone? Is it renovations?

Does anyone know?


On 12-08-03 03:00 PM, Paul Tarvydas wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> As another option, we might be able to host you at Bento Miso. ( http://bentomiso.com/ )
>> We have a projector, 40 foot whiteboard wall, and as much coffee as you can drink. 
>> Feel free to post this to the list, or contact me directly. (I'm on the mailing list but receive it in digest at a weird address, so replying there is a bit awkward.)
>> Good luck with finding a new home! 
>> dann
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