[toronto-lisp] HackTO hackathon, April 14th

Rudolf omouse at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 04:55:10 UTC 2012

Hey, there's a hackathon happening on april 14th, looks like it'll be more
like a web-app hackathon, but if you want to try hacking on that using
ParenScript, CSS-Lite, Hunchentoot, CL-JSON, etc... :-P

You can sign up here:  http://guestlistapp.com/events/87969

Not sure if I'll go, the APIs available look a little dull, no idea what
you could do with them (APIs:, search engine metadata, ,, )


   - image search/matching  https://api.tineye.com/documentation
   - search engine metadata  http://www.yellowapi.com/
   - mp3 uploading/searching/playlists http://developers.soundcloud.com/docs
   - email contacts/files/sending
   - blog search/posts  http://developers.atomicreach.com/
   - invoicing/billing  http://developers.freshbooks.com/?ref=header

Common Lisp libraries for Web API hacking:

   - CL-JSON,  http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-json/
   - Hunchentoot, http server  http://weitz.de/hunchentoot/
   - HTML-TEMPLATE,  http://weitz.de/html-template/
   - DRAKMA, http client  http://weitz.de/drakma/

-Rudolf O.
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