[toronto-lisp] May 3 summary

Paul Tarvydas tarvydas at visualframeworksinc.com
Fri May 6 19:15:00 UTC 2011

The May 3 Toronto Lisp Users' Group meeting was thinly attended (3 people), but stayed on topic (lisp) for most of the 2 hours.  Discussed:

Full Metal Jacket (pure visual dataflow built on top of lisp)
lisp game jam
reactive programming (with lisp)
Full Disclojure (Clojure screencasts http://www.learnivore.com/search/source/full_disclojure)

Ali provided this useful blog post containing a host of Clojure learning resources


Interest in Clojure presentation(s) for next month was expressed.  At least one person said that he'd think about it.  Watch this space.


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