[toronto-lisp] Found a development technique that works for me

Brian Connoy BConnoy at morrisonhershfield.com
Thu Oct 14 15:24:53 UTC 2010

Having been disadvantaged by living exclusively in Microsoft's world of computing, I turned first to LispWorks (instead of Emacs) for its many windowed tools.  LispWorks itself is a joy to learn;  there are always features I am newly discovering, or finally understanding.

Feel free to ask questions about its general use, as that will assist me in learning more of its powers!     :^)


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For LispWorks, instead of typing my code in repl, I type it in the editor, also compile there , and use repl for testing only.
I have noticed that the editor has some very handy buffers and
definitions menus.   Exactly the stuff I was looking for.

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