[toronto-lisp] toronto-lisp Digest, Vol 35, Issue 5

Paul Tarvydas tarvydas at visualframeworksinc.com
Thu Nov 18 15:31:54 UTC 2010

> Error: Unmatched right parenthesis.
>   1 (continue) Try loading ASDF-INSTALL-LIBRARY:port.lisp again.

It's claiming that port.lisp has an extra right paren.  LW considers this to be an error, maybe other lisps don't?

Use the editor to look at port.lisp and see if there really is an extra right paren.  If not, there might be an unterminated string or split comment.

If there's nothing obviously wrong, use the editor to manually compile each defun, i.e. start at the top of the file, position the cursor at the end of the first sexp and hit ^X^E and watch the echo buffer and output viewer for success/fail messages.  Walk down the file sexp by sexp until you find something wrong, then ask us again if it's not obvious.


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