[toronto-lisp] meeting Tues. July 6

Brian Connoy BConnoy at morrisonhershfield.com
Mon Jul 5 18:41:14 UTC 2010

I'd certainly be interested in learning more about the hurdles posed by .NET for "Lisplementations" such as CL and Scheme.


Paul, I'd still not a chance to look at the COM side of things.  Had to pick up a new laptop and now face the frustration called 'Windows 7'.

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Who's coming out?

Anybody have anything to present, or ask questions about?

I know that a number of us are faced with .Net vs. no CL issues.  We could continue that discussion.

I have a not-fully-tested WAM (Prolog Warren Abstract Machine) written in CL that I could bring, if it interests anyone.


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