[toronto-lisp] manardb: Fast, persistent, mmap'd Lisp object store

Abram Hindle abram.hindle at softwareprocess.es
Thu Jan 7 00:53:02 UTC 2010


This object store abuses mmap and tries to avoid your GC at the same
time, so large databases can exist on disk and not use up all of your
available memory? Depends on your mmap implementation but it is still



> According to our benchmarks, when instantiating a object with two 
> slots one million times, manardb is about seven times faster than 
> AllegroCache 2.1.11 on Allegro 8.1, and about fifteen times faster 
> than AllegroCache on SBCL 1.0.31. It is more than ten times faster to
>  iterate over the 1M objects created and sum the values of one
> numeric slot on Allegro Lisp, and about one hundred times faster on


> It uses the mremap system call so is restricted to Linux. It would be
> trivial to change the mremap to a munmap, followed by mmap on other
> UN*X like platforms, as manardb is already prepared for the base
> address of the mapping to change.


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