[toronto-lisp] Next meeting - April 6

Paul Tarvydas tarvydas at visualframeworksinc.com
Tue Apr 6 14:59:37 UTC 2010

> Hello,
> Our next meeting is a week from now, on Tuesday, April the 6th. Would
> anyone like to talk about something they find interesting, something
> they're working on, etc.?
> I've put together a small program in Clojure to demonstrate Perlin
> noise, a particular variety of random noise that is commonly used in
> 3D graphics for generating textures, heightmaps, ocean simulations,
> and so on. I'd like to show how the program is constructed and I've
> got a simple graphical demo of 1-dimensional Perlin noise. Nothing too
> fancy since I haven't gotten into 3D graphics in Clojure yet.. but the
> math for generating the noise signal is perhaps more interesting.

Sounds good.  See you tonight.


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