[toronto-lisp] pretty printing

David Penton djp at arqux.com
Tue Nov 17 01:27:43 UTC 2009

I am baffled (or dense).

I cannot get pprint to do what I think it should in any of openmcl,  
sbcl, or LW.

An example given in the ANSI spec/Hyperspec under *print-pretty* is:

  (let ((*print-pretty* t))
    (progn (write '(let ((a 1) (b 2) (c 3)) (+ a b c))) nil))

 >>  (LET ((A 1)
 >>        (B 2)
 >>        (C 3))
 >>    (+ A B C))
=>  NIL

I don't get any indentation when I type that example into any of the  
CL implementations listed above. The example just gets printed on one  
line of output, no indentation.

Am I supposed to do some additional thing to get the output shown?

- Dave -
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