[toronto-lisp] Next meetup, Tuesday November 3rd?

doug at hcsw.org doug at hcsw.org
Tue Nov 3 02:51:18 UTC 2009

I will try to make it for probably 6:30ish assuming TTC behaves. I'm happy to
talk about my book but I don't really have any formal presentation prepared.
That said, time permitting I can always talk about one or more or a combination
of the following:

* Quick intro to Let Over Lambda, the book and the programming philosophy
* Installing and programming Antiweb, a web server which uses many
  techniques described in the book
* Transactional data-base systems with BerkeleyDB and Common Lisp
* vmtouch - portable filesystem cache diagnostics and control for unix


On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 02:58:36PM -0400 or thereabouts, Paul Tarvydas wrote:
> > Hey, so is the next meet up next week on tuesday? is anyone going to
> > present something?
> Yes, the next meeting is Tuesday Nov. 3 at Linux Cafe 6pm-ish to 8pm-ish.
> Have we got any suggestions for topics?  If Doug is coming, I would be interested in hearing about his book.
> I'll post an announcement to c.l.l .  Do we have a website I should point to?
> pt
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