[toronto-lisp] Toronto Lisp Users Group Meeting -- Tuesday June 2nd @LinuxCaffe

Vishvajit Singh vishvajitsingh at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 03:33:19 UTC 2009

Hello everyone! Our next meeting is coming up soon.

Toronto Lisp Users Group -- June Meeting:
June 2nd, 6pm, Linux Caffe
(Walk south of Bloor from Christie Station, until you hit Harbord Street)

AS USUAL: We're looking for volunteers for talks, discussion,
tutorials. Your current projects, proposal for projects, libraries you
like, tutorials or related Lispy languages, issues relevant to Lisp,

So I still haven't received my Clojure book, although I got an email
saying it's on the way. Looking forward to thumbing through the
hardcopy version, and I'll bring it in when I've received it..

As a substitute, I'll bring in "Godel, Escher, Bach"! I've been trying
to wrap my head around it.. there may be a hint of LISPyness in there,


Come on out!


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