[toronto-lisp] Summary of Meeting Nov 4

Abram Hindle abram.hindle at softwareprocess.us
Wed Nov 5 18:37:19 UTC 2008

Here are my notes, feel free to fill anything in if you attended:

5 people attended.

Talked about:
* Books
** Let Over Lisp (LOL). A book about Macros and Lisp.
*** Author has very strong opinion about hygiene
** Functional Data Structures
*** Useful for undo-able operations
*** Non-mutable data structures
** On Lisp was mentioned in passing, LOL is supposed to be the follow up.

* Emacs
** Like usual emacs came up
** Org-mode
*** Useful for "Getting Things Done" (TM)
*** Does hierarchical foldable lists with little text GUI widgets
** electric buffers
** navigating buffers
** SLIME + Clojure
** Quack for Scheme

* Scheme
** Hygenic macros (RE LOL)
** Chicken Scheme
*** Good library support
*** Close to UNIX
** PLT Scheme
*** immutable cons cells
*** Performance improving
*** Lots of code
*** DrScheme debugger and macro expander
*** Use w/ quack w/ Emacs

* Clojure
** http://blip.tv/file/1313398/
** doto macro (doto a (b) (c) (d)) instead of (. a (b)) (. a (c)) ...
** Laziness of sequences
** Is Map lazy? No it just returns a lazy sequence and guarantees no
order of application
** arity functions

* Vector graphics in CL
** Vecto library for vector graphics
*** Very pretty movie charts w/ timeline stuff
**** http://www.xach.com/moviecharts/
** cl-svg - data driven svg bindings
*** http://code.google.com/p/cl-svg/wiki/API_Basics
** cl-rsvg - cairo svg bindings            -
*** http://www.cliki.net/cl-rsvg

* OODBMS in CL and Serialization
** DB4O in java and clojure
** Querying in OODBs
** How to mark something "Transient" when serializing?
** Some DBs

* Blogs
** Stackoverflow, how it is full of funny stuff
**** Mosquito Lisp -> Wasp Lisp - tiny embedded buffer overflow lisp
*** Joel Spolsky is Joel Lolsky
*** Lemonodor lisp/robotics
*** Overcoming Bias - not lisp but rationality

* Graph Rewriting
** Fluid-let
** Pacman

* Tuesday was ok except there was a DJANGO sig at the same time at Linux

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