[toronto-lisp] Meetup Success!

Rudolf omouse at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 06:03:29 UTC 2008

A bit of a follow-up to the meetup, I posted on the comp.lang.lispnewsgroup:
The meetup was obviously a success. We had Gary Baumgartner make an
appearance with 2-4 U of T Computer Science students. He mentioned some
projects he had worked on and which are listed here:
I can't seem to find a link to the Scheme-Python compiler/translator

One interesting thing Gary mentioned is creating a course that mixes both
high- and low-level languages. From what I understood, you would be doing
the Assembly homework during the week that you're learning the Python (or
Scheme or whatever) that does roughly the same thing. We also had a Common
Lisp user from Montreal (he's surrounded by Schemers there *shudder* right?
:P) Quite the varied gathering. Oh, and I finally learned how to properly
pronounce TeX and LaTeX.

Just one more thing. Maybe we should get the ALU Wiki page for Toronto back
in order? The URL is: http://wiki.alu.org/Toronto

Oh and another thing. Keep bugging Gary and other Lispers to release code.
Toss it and don't worry too much about how clean the code looks.

-Rudolf Olah
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