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Time to join the fun ...

On 15. Sep 2004, at 13:31, David Lichteblau wrote:

>   - unbuffered I/O
>     This kind of stream is available in Unix as read() and write()
>     (although there is no stream "object" in this layer other than the 
> file
>     descriptor).  But it is an important concept and usually the lower
>     layer other concepts are building on.

Bruno and me talked about that layer a little bit at LSM2004; I'm 
attaching the result.  This is a possible interface for "device object 
that can be plugged in a buffering layer" that can be implemented by a 
user.  We also had this neat idea that these device-streams can 
implement the Gray byte-oriented protocol as well, for users that want 
to operate on unbuffered streams.

First draft, perhaps oriented toward files a bit, etc.  (I know Dan is 
thinking about a buffering layer; perhaps this lower part is useful for 
inspiration or something.)



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