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("1167748389.13017_80.localhost" :SUBJECT "[stamp-devel] Some initial thoughts"
 :DATE 3376533938 :FROM "strandh at labri.fr" :TO ("stamp-devel at common-lisp.net")
 :SENDER "stamp-devel-bounces at common-lisp.net") 
("1167748390.13017_105.localhost" :SUBJECT "Imago" :DATE 3376078653 :FROM
 "dherring at tentpost.com" :TO ("matthieu.villeneuve at free.fr") :SENDER NIL) 
("1167748390.13017_113.localhost" :SUBJECT "[stamp-devel] what language?" :DATE
 3374549516 :FROM "strandh at labri.fr" :TO ("stamp-devel at common-lisp.net")
 :SENDER "stamp-devel-bounces at common-lisp.net") 
("1167748391.13017_125.localhost" :SUBJECT
 "[mcclim-devel] Drei - a replacement for Goatee" :DATE 3371666129 :FROM
 "athas at sigkill.dk" :TO ("mcclim-devel at common-lisp.net") :SENDER
 "mcclim-devel-bounces at common-lisp.net") 
("1167748391.13017_135.localhost" :SUBJECT
 "Re: [CLSQL-Help] Character encoding problem" :DATE 3353243896 :FROM
 "kevin at rosenberg.net" :TO ("matthieu.villeneuve at free.fr") :SENDER NIL) 
("1167748392.13017_140.localhost" :SUBJECT "unetwork asdf ..." :DATE 3329141146
 :FROM "lam at perave.org" :TO ("matthieu.villeneuve at free.fr") :SENDER NIL) 
("1167748392.13017_146.localhost" :SUBJECT "bilinear" :DATE 3306557523 :FROM
 "mickael.gilabert at in-fusio.com" :TO ("matthieu.villeneuve at free.fr") :SENDER
("1167748392.13017_149.localhost" :SUBJECT "Re: zlib.cl" :DATE 3298054490 :FROM
 "musum at pvv.org" :TO ("matthieu.villeneuve at free.fr") :SENDER NIL) 
("1167748392.13017_150.localhost" :SUBJECT "Fw: Which Emacs CL mode?" :DATE
 3284972065 :FROM "mvilleneuve at betomorrow.com" :TO
 ("matthieu.villeneuve at free.fr") :SENDER NIL) 

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