[Small-cl-src-discuss] Web page revamp (and possible default-license-change)

Ingvar ingvar at cathouse.bofh.se
Fri Jun 4 15:57:21 UTC 2004

Now that Actual Round Tuits seem to have arrived, so I have done some changes 
taht I think are in line with what we discussed before. The following text 
should now appear on the "small-cl-src" information page:
This mailing list is intended for "small" Common Lisp sources. For now, "small" 
is defined as single-file, less than 64 KB, in plain text. 

Unless other is specified, anything posted to the list from 2004-07-01 is 
presumed to be "copyright owner, use as you want, keep the copyright notice 
on relevant code" unless explicitly noted otherwise. Anything posted prior 
to this date can be presumed to be "ask poster, do no assume a license".

If people are unhappy with that, I am willing to change it. I think it's 
more-or-less in line with what was opreviously discussed.


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