ABCL uses to recompile LCONS* form

Mark Evenson at
Sun Nov 1 15:20:52 UTC 2020

Note to all:  the abcl.lisp implementation inadvertenly contains a reference to


Recompiling the form via SLIME once things have been loaded works fine.

Any chance we can get a standard mechanism to recompile stuff in the
implementation to declare that a given thunk should be recompiled once SWANK
has finished loading?

Back in 2017 or so, @aruttenburg had a patch to some of move the some of the
utlities to load before the implementation-specific, but @stastats objected on
the grounds that we want the initial load to be as fast and error free as

I really don’t want to redefine LCONS* in the ABCL specific code, but that will
work for me if no one has a better idea.


"No, this is not a disentanglement, but a progressive /knotting-into/."

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