What are port requirements for remote lisp?

Mirko Vukovic mirko.vukovic at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 01:16:00 UTC 2020


My setup is Sly on Spacemacs with Windows 10 running remote lisp on Linux
over a corporate network. I have not found a Sly mailing list, and I hope I
can get an answer here.

Emacs is running Sly on Spacemacs on Windows 10. Lisp is running on a Linux
server. But Sly does not connect to the listening Lisp. Corporate network
security policies have changed. I can ask for IT to accommodate me, but
first I need to know what to ask for.

So far, I have opened a tunnel, and started a listening lisp (details

In Emacs I get:

sly-connect RET RET RET
[sly] Connecting to Slynk on port 4005..
helm-M-x-execute-command: make client process failed: Connection timed out,
:name, sly-9, :buffer, nil, :host, hal9000, :service, 4005, :nowait, nil,
:tls-parameters, nil

The session transcript:
> ssh -L4005:localhost:4005 mirko at hal9000

[mirko at hal9000 .roswell]$ ros -L ccl-bin run --load start-slynk-server.lisp

SLYNK's ASDF loader finished.
 Loaded ASDF system
;; Slynk started at port: 4005.

 Created SLYNK server on port 4005
Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.11.5/v1.11.5  (LinuxX8664)

For more information about CCL, please see http://ccl.clozure.com.

CCL is free software.  It is distributed under the terms of the Apache
Licence, Version 2.0.

My question is as follows:

   1. Do I need bi-directional traffic on 4005?
   2. Do I need bi-directional traffic on 22? (after recent changes I
   cannot ssh or scp into my Windows machine)
   3. What tools can I use to try to narrow down the cause of the problem?
   For instance, can I send a command to the lisp image, and see its effects
   on the lisp side?

Thank you,

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