syntax error in recent Slime commit

Douglas Katzman dougk at
Wed Dec 16 17:31:34 UTC 2020

This change causes a malformed let in an older SBCL that has both a
compatibility accessor (%code-entry-points) and the preferred accessor
It works in new SBCL which only has the new, and very old SBCL which only
has the old, but not in the interim releases which had both.

commit 53badd278bf5ac36922d7b417f44e1c21e724547

Author: Stas Boukarev <stassats at>

Date:   Tue Dec 15 01:38:46 2020 +0300

    No more sb-kernel:%code-entry-points.

*diff --git a/contrib/swank-sprof.lisp b/contrib/swank-sprof.lisp*

*index 675240ff..9c640ec3 100644*

*--- a/contrib/swank-sprof.lisp*

*+++ b/contrib/swank-sprof.lisp*

@@ -138,7 +138,10 @@

          (debug-info (sb-sprof::node-debug-info node)))

     (or (when (typep debug-info 'sb-di::compiled-debug-fun)

           (let* ((component (sb-di::compiled-debug-fun-component

-                 (function (sb-kernel::%code-entry-points component)))

+                 (function #+#.(swank/backend:with-symbol
'%code-entry-points 'sb-kernel)

+                           (sb-kernel::%code-entry-points component)

+                           #+#.(swank/backend:with-symbol
'%code-entry-point 'sb-kernel)

+                           (sb-kernel:%code-entry-point component 0)))

             (when function

               (find-source-location function))))

         `(:error "No source location available"))))

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