make-network-process timing out when connecting swank server

Mirko Vukovic mirko.vukovic at
Sun Apr 19 00:06:28 UTC 2020


This is a follow-up to a thread that I started a few weeks back (What are
port requirements for remote lisp?).

I run Msys2's Emacs on a corporate laptop running windows 10, and I don't
have administrator privileges. I am using Sly and Spacemacs.

My problem is that sly-connect times out when trying to connect to the
swank server.

With Martin's help, I was able to establish a tunnel, start swank, and with
a telnet session on the laptop verify that I can send commands to swank
(see that other thread for details).

Nevertheless, sly-connect still fails. Stepping through the code, I came to
a call to make-network-process, which is a C function.

The error message is
"make client process failed", "Connection timed out", :name, "sly-4",
:buffer, nil, :host, "", :service, 4005, :nowait, nil,
:tls-parameters, nil

I need help in figuring out the cause of the problem so that I can ask our
IT department for specific help.

My emacs can connect to the internet - for instance, org-ref
(orgmode+bibtex) can fetch journal article citations using DOI's.
So, why is make-network-process failing in this instance?

I am looking for some simple tests of make-network proces that can narrow
down the cause of failure when connecting to swank.

I was going to ask on the emacs mailing list, but I thought it best to
start here first.

Thank you,

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