Trouble connecting to Swank running on android

PR polos.ruetz at
Wed Aug 23 13:49:35 UTC 2017

update: after investigating myself, I noticed some strange behavior in
the network communication (using "wireshark" to log the single

So, it basically seems a network communication problem.

(to be continued...)


2017-08-22 12:57 GMT+02:00, PR <polos.ruetz at>:
> Hi,
> I know that it's possible to run the Swank server on an android
> device, and connect to it from the PC (people did this successfully).
> Unfortunately it doesn't work for me...
> I enabled swank:*log-events*; attached you find 2 log files:
>  - swank-events-log-1.txt: this one works (connecting locally)
>  - swank-events-log-2.txt: this fails trying to connect to swank on android
> I tried many times, it always fails at the exact same point. I even
> tried using ssh, with the same result.
> Could anybody knowing the swank internals look into this, please?
> Thanks,
> Paul
> P.S. I'm trying this with the EQL5-Android REPL example, which can run
> (from same sources) both on the desktop and on android; so the logs
> mentioned above use the same application;

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