SLIME _may_ cause emacs to resize frame involuntarily

Peter Keller psilord at
Wed Apr 12 23:42:56 UTC 2017


I discovered some odd behavior related to SLIME that I can't figure out.
Hopefully, someone here can help me out.

In short, starting SLIME with M-x slime or switching to a buffer containing
the SLIME repl causes a resize of the emacs frame containing that buffer.

The details are at this link (which is also a test config file that you
can start emacs with that will hopefully demonstrate the problem):

I'm using stock emacs 25.1, xubuntu 16.04 LTS, SBCL 1.3.12, and SLIME
installed from Quicklisp and current as of 2017-04-10.

If you store the linked data as a file like /tmp/init-resize.el

you can run it as:

emacs -q -l /tmp/init-resize.el

(provided you have that font it is requesting, which is "DejaVu Sans Mono 9").

Then resize the window manually to 80x24, then M-x slime.
If the bug presents itself, the frame will resize after
slime is loaded to something other size.

I think the resize is erroneous behavior.

I provided what would have been the means that I thought would stop the
involuntary resize in the init file, but it doesn't seem to work.

Thank you!


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