[Slime-devel] I think I need a little help

João Távora joaotavora at gmail.com
Fri May 23 10:06:44 UTC 2014

Paul Bowyer <pbowyer at olynet.com> writes:

> I corrected my install script to use the suggested ordering and the
> test suite completes successfully
> with the one expected failure. I have a separate test script for use
> with CCL and it also completes succesfully with one expected
> failure. I am able to start slime without removing any ".elc" files in
> slime/contrib, which I could not do before.

OK great, this is the same behaviour I observe.

> However I still get the emacs debug window that I have to abort out
> of.

This I don't see. I need a recipe for reproducing this, so please
provide start emacs and slime with this recipe and then list all the
steps that bring you to that "debug window"

  cd path/to/where/you/cloned/slime
  emacs -Q -L . -l slime-autoloads.el                            \
             --eval "(setq inferior-lisp-program \"sbcl\")"      \
             --eval "(add-to-list 'slime-contribs 'slime-fancy)"
  < any extra setup >
  M-x toggle-debug-on-error ; this is useful
  M-x slime
  < any extra steps >

Also post the exact versions of sbcl and emacs you are using

  emacs --version

  sbcl --version

should give you that. Finally post (I think you already did though)
relevant message in any *sldb* or *Backtrace* bufers you get.

> After that I have a slime REPL and I'll do some work to see how it
> goes. It will probably take me a little time to become accustomed to
> the ways of emacs 24 though.

Out of curiosity, what's so different from 23 to 24 for you?

>> By the way do you just want the files compiled or do you really need to
>> know the results of the test suite? Because the results posted by the CI
>> system might be interesting and they are at
>> https://travis-ci.org/slime/slime.
> I looked at the site and it seems a much more elaborate system is used
> than I have, so I would like to continue with my simple install/test
> scripts, which I can manage without a lot of effort. I usually only
> run the slime test suite once upon downloading slime from github.

The site is just a service for continuious integration that SLIME
uses. It's just there as a measure of the current git trunk's stability,
for users to inspect.

You're not really supposed to "use it" in your workflow unless perhaps
you are developing new features/new tests in your own fork of SLIME.

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