Dynamically prevent slime debugger

Xiaofeng Yang n.akr.akiiya at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 01:21:06 UTC 2014

You could change the *debugger-hook* variable to handle the conditions as
what you want, e.g.

(defvar *use-slime-debugger* t)
(setq *debugger-hook*
               (let* ((slime-debugger-hook *debugger-hook*)
                      (new-debugger-hook  (lambda (&rest
                                            (if *use-slime-debugger*
                                                (apply slime-debugger-hook
                                                ; do what you want

But be aware, there might be additional problems you could meet.

     Best regards,
Xiaofeng Yang

2014-03-06 7:19 GMT+08:00 Christopher Laux <ctlaux at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> is there a good way to prevent slime (or rather swank) from dropping into
> the slime debugger depending on the value of a variable? Specifically I
> want to limit the number of open debugger windows to 1 and simply log all
> further simultaneous errors. Any help appreciated,
> Chris
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