Slime REPL becomes non-responsive

Chintan Pathak chintan.pathak at
Mon Feb 10 06:12:53 UTC 2014

I am not sure if non-responsive is the ideal description, 

but when in my program or a REPL command, if I get an error, and I ABORT the
execution using 5 as instructed, I get my REPL back. But when I try to
execute any command, anything, as simple as(+ 2 3) by pressing return, the
line becomes bold, as usual, then there is no output, the execution just
hangs there. 

I have tried, quitting and restarting REPL, that doesnt help. 

If I restart emacs, then I can start using REPL again normally. 

Is there a way, I can avoid having to restart emacs every time I make a
wrongful REPL execution ?

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