slime + chokes on temporary-file-directory set to "~/temp" on Windows

Mirko Vukovic mirko.vukovic at
Wed Feb 26 18:50:57 UTC 2014

I am running Windows versions Emacs and CLISP.

If I have temporary-file-directory set to "~/temp", slime loading will
;; Loaded file
*** - OPEN: Directory #P"C:\\Users\\...\\documents\\.emacs.d\\~\\temp\\"
does not exist

I set temporary-file-directory to an absolute path, such as
slime loads OK.

I grepped slime's lisp files for temporary-file-directory, but did not see
it.  I tested this with
clisp -norc option.

Is this a bug - since on Windows Emacs accepts `~' for the home directory?


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