SLIME and Quicklisp

Attila Lendvai attila.lendvai at
Fri Feb 7 14:28:07 UTC 2014

> Can you recommend a way to raise the odds that Quicklisp uses a very
> good version of SLIME?

how about introducing a branch or a tag for this? either specifically
called 'quicklisp' or 'stable', where stable merely means a promise of
relative stability compared to the bleeding edge?

i see a problem though: is there a way with git to mark a revision so
that the devs can move that mark around unconstrained, while clients
can also just git pull without any further action when the mark has
been moved (i.e. no need for 'git reset --hard some-old-rev' in case
of branches, or 'git tag -d the-moved-tag' or 'git pull -t' in case of

(the git devs don't want you to move around tags:

if the end solution will specifically be about quicklisp, then this
may not be a problem *if* the qicklisp build always clones and never
pulls (which i don't know).

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