slime tests

João Távora joaotavora at
Sat Feb 8 20:25:40 UTC 2014

Paul Bowyer <pbowyer at> writes:

> Hello João,
> I tried to run the slime test suite this morning to see what results
> it produced. I'm uncertain what the proper procedure is for running
> the test suite, but this is what I did. I made the test suite
> available by including "slime-tests" in my ".emacs" file in the
> (slime-setup '( < other contribs > slime-tests)), which seemed to
> work.

The way to run the tests *in the current emacs session* is by adding
slime-tests.el's dir to the load path (which is now by default) and

  (require 'slime-tests)

So you got lucky cause slime-setup does this, tho doing that doesn't
really make sense, since they're not a contrib.

Anyway, I prefer to run the tests non-interactively from the command
line, and then debug individual tests inside an interactive session.

To do so, go into your slime dir and type

   $ make clean check

This will clean any garbage, recompile the emacs lisp files and check
just slime "core" (i.e no contribs). "make check-fancy" will check just
the slime-fancy meta-contrib (i.e. it's sub-contribs), and "make
check-foo" will check the "foo" contrib when it is run standalone.

> "slime-batch-test-results.txt" which contains the contents of the

I'll have a look, Luis is probably right that most of the failures are
autodoc failures in the latests slime. The autodoc tests are somewhat


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