Quesstion about Alt-. navigation to function definitions

Jeffrey Cunningham jeffrey at jkcunningham.com
Wed Oct 30 22:43:15 UTC 2013

On 10/30/2013 02:22 PM, Christophe Rhodes wrote:
> As I have said in other mails, this is not the normal way of using the 
> system. Using REQUIRE in source files is unusual; so too is not having 
> the depended-on systems already compiled, which perhaps explains why 
> it's taken this long just to understand your problem. (In general 
> triggering a file compilation from within LOAD or COMPILE-FILE is 
> hazardous; it doesn't completely surprise me that not everything is 
> actually totally correct). You would make your life easier by writing 
> your own defsystem forms which declare the relevant dependencies on 
> other systems. Christophe 

Okay, I tried the following in a new source file test2.lisp with a fresh 
emacs and slime environment.

(asdf:defsystem #:test2 :depends-on (:cl-ppcre)))
(asdf:load-system "test2")
(describe 'cl-ppcre:regex-apropos)

I compiled each of these lines with C-c C-c. The behavior is the same as 

Source file: /home/jcunningham/slime/test1.lisp

If I am not implementing this in the "normal" way of using the system, 
perhaps you could give me some guidance here. What is the minimal code I 
need to write in a file so I can load, say, cl-ppcre, write a line of 
code that calls one of its functions, and allows me to navigate to it by 
Alt-. ?

I thought I was doing it the normal way.

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