Question about Alt-. navigation to function definitions

Helmut Eller eller.helmut at
Thu Oct 31 13:50:24 UTC 2013

On Thu, Oct 31 2013, Jeff Cunningham wrote:

> I see you made changes in CVS. Does quicklisp pick these up if I update-dist?
> Or do I need to reinstall Slime from CVS to get this?

I don't know exactly how/when quicklisp the code in is updated.
Installing from CVS is the safe bet.

Thinking about it, if you add
  (setq swank-backend::*trap-load-time-warnings* nil)
in ~/.swank.lisp should also get the behaviour that LOAD is called
outside of WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT even without updating SLIME.

You could also C-x C-e instead of C-c C-c when loading code to see if
the WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT is the culprit.


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