Quesstion about Alt-. navigation to function definitions

Jeff Cunningham jeffrey at jkcunningham.com
Sat Oct 26 18:00:40 UTC 2013


Some time ago I could put the point on a function and press Alt-. and 
slime would take me to the function definition (or a list of 
possibilities in the case of generics, etc). After one of the updates I 
did awhile back it stopped working in many circumstances although it 
contines to work in others.

The case it doesn't work in is the one that effects me on a daily basis. 
Here's two examples:

1. I have a piece of development code with multiple files. The main file 
loads the other lisp files wherein functions are defined. The only way I 
can get the operation to work is if I manually compile each function 
individually. Simply loading the file at any point will reset slime back 
to not knowing where they are again.

2. Similar situation, only this time using ASD:

(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage :ftis-v43-asd
   (:use :cl :asdf))
(in-package :ftis-v43-asd)
(defparameter *ftis-v43-directory*
   (make-pathname :name nil :type nil :version nil
                  :defaults (parse-namestring *load-truename*)))
(asdf:defsystem #:ftis-v43
   :depends-on (:cl-extra :cl-ppcre :graham :cl-fad :json-pt :html5 
:cl-who :cl-gd-ext)
   :serial t
   :components ((:file "ftis-v43-package")
                (:file "common")
                (:file "vectors")
                (:file "waveforms")
                (:file "interface")
                (:file "model")
                (:file "post-processing")
                (:file "octave")
                (:file "verify")
                (:file "make-html-pages")))

And the package.lisp file like this:

(defpackage :ftis-v43
   (:use :cl    :cl-extra :cl-ppcre :cl-fad :graham :cl-gd-ext :json-pt 
:html5 :cl-who)
   (:shadowing-import-from :cl-who :str :htm :fmt)

The behavior is identical: Alt-. does not work until I manually open one 
of the source files and compile that function.

Other packages I've written and load through ASD work as they should. I 
can't see any difference in the way they are constructed.

Is there any remedy for this? Using grep to move around works but is 
annoyingly cumbersome and time consuming.



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