Bindings from lisp-mode-map clobbering slime-edit-mode bindings.

Avram Colak avrcolak at
Thu Oct 3 12:43:03 UTC 2013

Hi all,

The issue I'm having is that, in the SLIME REPL, useful key bindings like
the C-c C-v prefix for presentation commands and C-c C-d for doc lookup is
being shadowed by key bindings for not very useful lisp-mode commands.

I think this is because slime-repl-mode-map inherits from lisp-mode-map.

I fix this locally with (set-keymap-parent slime-repl-mode-map nil) and am
wondering if this should be the default or if there is some reason why
slime-repl-mode-map inherits from lisp-mode-map?

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