slime-sexp-at-point in slime-repl buffers

Marco Baringer mb at
Thu May 9 21:59:06 UTC 2013

Stas Boukarev <stassats at> writes:

> I object to the use of defadvice.


- the slime-repl is a contrib and i don't want to modify the "builtin"
  slime-sexp-at-point to support functionality which may or may not be

- this late modification of existing functions is exactly what defadvice
  is supposed to do, the presence of advice is clearly shown by
  describe-function and it can be disabled if needed.

There are obviously (many) other ways to implement this (buffer local
variables, custom flags, redefinition, etc.), but none of them seem as
clear, to me at least, as a simple defadvice.


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