[slime-devel] patch for "Failed test on CCL"

Ben Hyde bhyde at pobox.com
Thu Mar 28 01:58:28 UTC 2013

The issue reported in http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.slime.devel/10751  i.e. that when using CCL  swank complains of a test failing upon a fresh connection maybe resolved by adding #+ccl (ccl::*print-abbreviate-quote* t) as shown:

(defun decoded-arglist-to-string (decoded-arglist
                                  &key operator highlight
  (with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
      (let ((*print-right-margin* print-right-margin)
            #+ccl (ccl::*print-abbreviate-quote* t))
        (print-decoded-arglist decoded-arglist 
                               :operator operator 
                               :highlight highlight)))))

  - ben

fyi ccl's *print-abbreviate-quote* is an extension, see also http://paste.lisp.org/display/136370 

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