[slime-devel] "rebasing" the source code tree for slime-edit-definition

Dave Cooper gendl at genworks.com
Tue Mar 5 03:50:06 UTC 2013


Is there any recommended way to "rebase" the source tree for definitions in
Slime, so that M-.  (slime-edit-definition) will find the definition in the
"new" location (for example after a Lisp image has been saved and moved to
a new machine, where the source code still exists but is in a different
location from where it was during the build)?

I see code in xref.lisp which looks like it could re-analyze the source
code in the new location, but that looks like overkill -- normally this
information is already in the Lisp image right? (but probably in an
implementation-specific way).

Anyway all I really need is a way to replace an "old" absolute pathname
prefix to the source code with a "new" prefix, reflecting where the source
tree is on the current machine.



My Best,

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