[slime-devel] Fwd: datagram socket error on Allegro CL

Dave Cooper gendl at genworks.com
Tue Jan 22 22:30:26 UTC 2013

Dear Slime list,

  This error probably falls in between Franz support and appropriate for
this list, but maybe someone has seen it so I'll ask here. This is on
Allegro CL 9.0 Windows, when trying to initialize the Slime connection:

   "creating a datagram socket resulted in error: (code 10013):
   Unknown error.
      [Condition of type excl:errno-stream-error]

This appears to be some kind of permissions problem... has anyone seen it

My Best,

Dave Cooper, Genworks Support
david.cooper at genworks.com, dave.genworks.com(skype)
USA: 248-327-3253(o), 1-248-330-2979(mobile)
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