[slime-devel] stuck polling on windows

Karsten Poeck karsten.poeck at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 18:23:16 UTC 2012

In article <5065C8AD.3090405 at onetel.com>, mike <mikereape at onetel.com> 

> Hi
> I'm trying to get slime and slime-mode working with acl82express 
> (Allegro CL 8.2).
> Here is the relevant part of my .emacs:
> ; This is sample code for starting and specifying defaults to the
> ; Emacs-Lisp interface.
>    (push "c:/acl82express/eli" load-path)
>    (load "fi-site-init.el")
>    (setq fi:common-lisp-image-name "c:/acl82express/alisp")
>    (setq fi:common-lisp-image-file "c:/acl82express/alisp.dxl")
>    (setq fi:common-lisp-directory "c:/acl82express/")

I don't understand why you load eli here, I think this Franz much older 
alternative to Slime.

Take a look at:

On Mac OSX, I just have 
(setq inferior-lisp-program "/Applications/AllegroCL/alisp")
in an emacs file and acl 8.2 start happily

The above mentionned page gives specific instructions on how to proceed 
on windows.



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