[slime-devel] Deadlock at the repl

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Sat Mar 10 21:44:31 UTC 2012

* Stelian Ionescu [2012-03-10 20:08] writes:

> When compiling IOlib from scratch(after deleting all fasls) I get the
> following deadlock pretty reliably. At least one other person(Brian
> O'Reilly) getis this often so it's not just my setup.
> I'm using slime HEAD on threaded sbcl 1.0.55 Linux/x86_64 with
> *communication-style* :spawn and *globally-redirect-io* t

Can you reproduce it with something other than SBCL?  It's known that
SBCL's dispatch caches are deadlock prone.


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